I'm Lisa.  

I'm a mom of four amazing kids - two sets of twins. I have three girls - two are five years old, one is eight.  And I have an amazing 8 year old boy with autism. My girls are a dream come true - I always wanted to have little girls to dress up and do hair and share secrets with.  My boy is the gift I never dreamed of.  He is the most interesting person I have ever met and I learn something new from him every day.

They fill my world. 

There's a quote I see occasionally - "a child fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty". But it's not true for me.  I knew that place was empty, and I knew I would fill it with children.  I didn't know how hard it would be to get there, and I didn't know how grateful and blessed I would feel to have them, and I didn't know how unique and interesting and amazing each of them would be.  But I knew there was a place for them.  I always knew. 

Photography has always been a hobby for me.  I stepped away from it for many years, as life just moved along. But as my kids are growing, I've felt a strong need to grab these fleeting moments of childhood and hold on to them in any way I can. My camera is how I hold these moments.  I use my camera to see the beauty in our every day lives, to capture the fleeting moments of childhood. 

Come along with us.  See the world through our eyes.