Does everybody have one day of the week that kicks their butt more than others? Or is it just me?

Mine is Monday. 

Monday is non stop from the time I get up until the time I get everybody put to bed. I don't look forward to it, but on the bright side, at least I've gotten my crazy day over with at the beginning of the week, and it's mostly easier from there.

Here's just a synopsis of how it goes: 

After all of the usual daily morning stuff that's involved in getting four kids up and dressed and fed (including getting up an hour before the kids to cycle the dishes and laundry, and get breakfast on the table), trying to get everyone to straighten up their rooms and not leave any toys out, and reading a chapter of our book over breakfast, lunches bagged up, backpacks packed, and if I have time, a snack packed for me and the boy... 

We are out of the house earlier that usual, by 8:30, to drop the four-year-old twins off early at pre-k, to make it to the hospital for the boy's 9:00 OT appointment.  

After I hand him off the to therapist, I sprint back across town to drop off his twin sister at school before the 9:25 bell rings (yes, school starts that late - thank goodness!).  

Then back to the hospital by 9:45, retrieve him from one therapist, get him to eat a snack, and hand him off to the next therapist for 10:00 PT.  Then I actually have an hour to myself in the waiting room.  

11:00, finished with PT, we bust out of the hospital, back across town to get him to school for the last 10 minutes of art class.

Then I go with them from art back to the classroom, get him settled in, chat with the special ed teacher for a few minutes, and then it's lunch time.  I usually try to join my two first graders for at least some part of their lunch period on Monday, I enjoy the time chatting with them, getting to know a few of their friends, and just seeing what's going on at school.

From there, sometimes I sprint home and grab myself a quick bite, or sometimes I go up to the preschool a few minutes early.  It really depends on whether I had managed to bring along any food for myself (that's about 50/50 odds), or if I need to go home to get something to eat.

I pick up the twins from pre-k by 1:00, go home, spend some time settling in with them.  We play, or do a puzzle, or they have baths.

Once they are happily entertaining themselves with toys (we don't do screen time during the week), I try to get a few chores done around the house - another load of laundry, load up the dishwasher with breakfast dishes, unpack lunches, vacuum. If I'm really on my game I try to get the lunches made for Tuesday.  Normally I'd also be making dinner during this time, but I've been getting a little break from that lately.

The first-grade twins get home from school at 3:50, and we turn right around and head out again.  So before that I have to get the three of us (me and the 4-year-olds) ready to go.  Lately they've been putting on their PJs before we leave.  I usually make a big smoothie for everyone around 3:45, something really nutritious and filling that they can just drink in the car.  When the 7-year-olds get off the bus, my girl has to get changed for ballet.  I try to get their lunches unpacked, so I can start the dishwasher before we leave.

By 4:10, we're out the door again.  Lately I've been able drop off three kids at a grandparent's house (which is why the littles can wear their PJs out), to play while I take the oldest girl to ballet.  This means leaving a few minutes earlier and making an extra stop, but in exchange for that I don't have to try to juggle 4 kids in the ballet school.  And the best part: grandma makes us all dinner!  Which totally turns my day around.  (On days when we don't do this - I have to get dinner made before we leave, take all four to ballet and keep them entertained for an hour, and rush home right after to feed them dinner.  Or I just decide to screw it, and we go out for dinner.  It depends on the day)

4:45 we're at ballet.  I get another hour to myself in this waiting room, so I usually manage to catch up a little on email or blogging.  

5:45, ballet is done and we head back to Grandma's, just 5 minutes away.  She has dinner ready, so I get to sit down to a hot meal that somebody else cooked, a glass of wine that somebody else poured, with somebody else watching after my kids while I eat it.  It's like a vacation. 

I have the kids do their bedtime stuff there - so by the time we leave around 7, everyone has gone potty, brushed teeth, and at least half of them have PJs on already.

And home, greetings and goodnights to dad, all to bed by 7:30 or 8:00, and I collapse in a chair. 

Phew.  I'm tired just writing about it.