What is normal?

Hey there.  I’m Lisa.  Just a normal mom in a normal family.  Well, it’s normal for us anyway. And that’s what got us here.  Normal for us is crazy, hectic, fun filled days with two sets of twins.  That’s right – two sets.  We get those questions, those shocked faces.  People see the four and ask what the age differences are – because they all are different sizes – and when I say “these two are 6 1/2 and these two are 3 1/2″, they pause, calculate for a sec, and then always, always say: “what?!  you have TWO SETS of TWINS?!?”.  Yes, we do.  “Wow, you’ve got your hands full!”  Yes, we do.

We have our challenges.  We have to do things in a different way sometimes.  Getting ready to go out the door takes an hour.  Our grocery bills are really high and getting higher by the week.  We’ve owned more strollers and car seats than I care to admit.  We fall into bed exhausted every night.

But it’s awesome – having twins is an amazing experience.  Watching to people grow and develop side by side, and seeing how their bodies and their brains take the same input and do something totally different with it.  And we get to do it times two.  My four children are as unique and different as four people could possibly be, and it’s so fascinating to watch.

So that's why we're here - to share a little more about what it's like on a normal day for us.