The other night I witnessed something that can't be unseen.  

While sitting on the potty, looking at a library book, my son put a certain body part of his on the book. I, just, I... boys.  

I feel a little awkward now, that I allowed the book in the bathroom. A library book. I guess I shouldn't have. But, this boy parts stuff is new to me. I didn't have brothers. I had no idea how casual they are with the thing. Just flinging it around and laying it on stuff? Because it's there? 

and then I thought, wait a minute. If this kid who knows nothing about nothing when it comes to the actual function of this part, is doing this... then what are other people doing with the library books?

And then I thought, no. Don't eeeeeven go there. DO NOT ASK THAT. Do not answer it. 

I do no want to know. 

The library is ruined for me forever. Ruined.