Silver Linings

A few days ago a person whose words I always find inspirational said, "find silver linings wherever you can and hang on to them". 

And she is so right. 

It's been a rough week. I am way more tired than I even realized. I think, as a parent, when you're in the thick of it you hold it together amazingly well. Because you have to. People kept asking me if I was ok when she was in the hospital. And I would answer that I was doing surprisingly well. I was really surprised at how not exhausted I was. I think that's just how we get through. Because once she came home and was feeling better I realized how exhausted I really was. I've basically nothing for more than two days now. I've gotten a couple of good night's sleep. I've put my feet up. I've had tea, and takeout for dinner. And I am still tired.

So yeah.

But I paused this morning as she colored a rainbow with new scented markers that I couldn't say no to yesterday, and I found the silver linings.

Her and I have had a lot of quality time together this past week and a half. It was time the two of us needed. We've held hands and bonded and snuggled and have come to understand each other a little better. 

I also got to see my other children pull together and rally behind her, which warmed my heart so much. I saw their kindness and their depth of concern for their little sister. It was a good reminder for all of us I think.

So yes, there are always silver linings.