Morning Chores

January 6: Morning Chores.

I'm trying really hard to get us all back to our schedules and routines after the holiday break.  My kids (and most kids, I think) thrive on structure and order.  They may say that they don't want to do their chores, but a daily routine of knowing what is expected of them quickly results in a huge improvement in behavior.  Especially this guy. He needs structure and routine.  He needs to know what is coming and what he needs to do. He fights me every time, but once he's done his jobs he is always in a better mood - that sense of pride that comes from accomplishment. 

For me, the chores aren't actually about getting the job done. A five year old isn't actually going to clean the toilet very well.  But it's about learning the importance of everyone working together. It's about learning that as a family we all contribute and we all help out. And it's about learning to show each other respect, by showing that we care enough to help and contribute. My kids don't get paid for chores, and their allowance is not dependent on them - the chores are expected, regardless.