Just a shower


Take a shower with a glass of wine while your husband supervises dinner time. It feels like a mini mom-cation. It's amazing how such a tiny little break can fix everything. A deep breath.

Even if you are having to dodge bath toys. 

Also, a true story:

I announced to the family during dinner that I was going to go take a shower because I smelled (because I cleaned litter boxes this day, and once I've done that it's all I can smell until I shower). So of course the children all start yelling "I WANT TO SMELL YOU! I WANT TO SMELL YOU!" So I let them all have a sniff.

J said: "you smell like beer!" (I was drinking wine)
S said: "I think you smell lovely."
C said: "what? You just smell like your regular self."

And that right there tells you everything you need to know about each of my children.