Today and Every Day

The kids and I had a talk at breakfast this morning.

I told them that today was the day that Donald Trump was becoming President.

They are still disappointed, as am I.

We are all nervous for four years of a person who we believe doesn’t treat people the way we believe they should be treated. They all added up how old they will be in four years when hopefully we get to fix this. It seems like a long time off.

We talked about how even though he is the President, we will not ever follow his example of how to treat people - we will always fight for equality and fair treatment for everyone.

Today is also the day of their assembly at school celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I think the timing of this couldn’t be more perfect.

So we talked about the importance of the work that Dr. King and so many others did, and how it is still so very important. And maybe now more important than ever. 

We talked about how fighting for equality is not just for black people, but for everyone - no matter what you look like, what you wear, what your abilities are, what you believe. 

We talked about how it is their responsibility to keep doing the work that Dr. King and so many others did, and still do, every single day. 

We talked about how it is their responsibility to speak up and speak out if they ever see someone being treated in a way that they believe is not right. 

We talked about how if they see someone being treated unfairly or being bullied it is their responsibility to go to that person, to stand for them or stand with them, to never just look away.  

We talked about how they should walk up to that person and say, "I am here for you. I will stand with you. I will protect you."

We talked about how those are the times that it is ok to question the rules or what seems normal - about how it is their responsibility to do what they believe is RIGHT, to not just follow a rule that they believe treats people unfairly.

We talked about how we will always do what we believe is the right thing to do, regardless of what the rules say.