Library and lunch day.

Sometimes I feel like the most brilliant mother ever, and this day was one of them.


First of all, our downtown library has the most amazing children's library I've ever been to. They have everything! It's a separate section of the library, so children don't have to be quiet. They have a play area with toys that encourage learning and problem solving - things like blocks and magnatiles. They have computers and ipads and lots of comfortable places to sit and a super easy self checkout system.

But my kids think the best part is the book return. It's a conveyer belt with a door that automatically opens and you feed the books into. They jump up and down with excitement and argue over who gets to put the books in the slot. 

But it's the next part that had me patting myself on the back. When is the best time to take kids to a restaurant for lunch? When they have a whole stack of new books from the library. I hardly heard a peep out of them. They had their noses in books until their food came, they scarfed their meals so they could get back to their books, and then they read again until it was time to go. Brilliant! It was the quietest restaurant meal I think I've ever had.